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I'm Amanda Nemec. I've been working with families and couples for over 10 years. My greatest joy is walking into a house and seeing photos I've taken on a family's walls. I'm an engineer by day and a photographer by night. When you hire me, you get my husband Ryan too! I like to spend time with the guy, but he's also really talented at getting babies to smile, carrying purses and clothes, creating shade when there is none, and he's not too shabby behind the camera either. (That's us in the wetsuits)

My ideal client is: 

1. Up for anything. We've been known to get in fountains, plan themes, have "who can jump the highest" contests, and, well, just about anything that will make you laugh for a photo that looks like YOU. 

2. Excited about capturing special moments. We've done everything from weddings to 25th anniversaries, family reunions, high school graduation, brand new babies, and our favorite... someone who hires us just because. 

3. Someone who will laugh at my jokes. 

4. A person who isn't afraid to admit they were surprised at how much fun they had for an hour, when they thought it might be torture. 

5. YOU

Hidden worlds in a cave
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